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Hulu: Turning an Old Business Model into Something Completely Different Case Synopsis

Hulu represents a classic example of a startup venture competing against all odds. As a proposed joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corporation, Hulu was to be an online television network, giving viewers an alternative to watching movies and TV programs. From the beginning, industry observers speculated that it would fail miserably.

But Hulu’s president, Jason Kilar, knew that this entertainment website needed to be focused on the customer. If it didn’t work for them, it wouldn’t succeed. So after studying all the negative aspects for current TV viewing options, Hulu was designed to overcome them. The result is the slickest, most user-friendly video site on the Web. It has a ton of programming content available, it’s free with only limited commercial interruptions, and users decide what shows rise to the top of the ratings. Hulu even allows viewers to use embed codes to put content in their own Web sites.

Provide Written Analysis on the Below Questions:

1. Describe Hulu’s market offering in detail. What value is Hulu really offering to users?

2. Is Hulu customer-driven? Why or why not?

3. Think about the three considerations underlying the societal marketing concept. Is Hulu sustainable? Support your conclusions for each consideration

4. What recommendations would you make for Hulu’s future?


Based on the above synopsis, conduct written analysis for each of the below questions utilizing chapter 1 of the Text and 2 other sources in order to formulate appropriate detail response to each question. 1. Analysis for each question must be written concisely.

2. Microsoft word document, double space, times new roman, 12pt. 3. Provide a cover page and a reference page
4. Do not Copy and Paste information
5. Paraphrase, using your own thoughts.
6. Paragraphs should be a minimum of 6-7 sentences...
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