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Theo Adams
Western Governors University
MBA Program

(A1)Evaluate the industry environment for your company by doing the following:

Harlow's help it home is a business that specializes in Home Health Care in the Sacramento, California area. They offer competitive rates and use a highly skilled licensed staff. They specialize in care for disabled children, disabled adults and seniors. This also includes hospice care for those clients and the families to assist with the end-of-life needs.The company and staff follow all state laws and regulations required within the home health industry.

The home health industry is comprised of two types of care companies: Those that offer medical which is considered home health and the others are considered in-home care and they offer non-medical services. Harlows is a licensed home health and in-home care company which offers medical and non-Medical Services. Harlow's is able to offer both types of services due to the licensed staff we employ as well as being a licensed home health company in the state of California.

The most dominant economic feature is market growth rate. The home health industry is one that is fast-growing due to the extended ages of the population as well the potential profits of these companies based upon the current nees of the baby boomers. Home health companies generally cater to clients and the families of clients 70 years and higher. As the baby boomers age the need of services grow. Families have a choice between smaller local companies and larger national ones to care for their families.

(A2) Driving forces:

Changing societal concerns attitudes and life-styles . With physical fitness, healthy life-styles and overall nutritional information increasing has led to people living longer. Our families are always important however we do not always have the ability nor time to care for our disabled child, disabled adult loved one or our aging parents so services that offer assistance to this demographic group are a commodity and in high demand. Most of us lack the skill and time to assist our ailing family members and care for them as we would desire them to be cared for. With this said the importance of companies such as Harlow's and the services they offer are in demand and a high commodity.

Industry growth:
Once again with individuals living longer and the complexity of our lives today the need for companies to assist our ailing family members are going to continue to grow moving forward.

Regulatory changes:
With the importance of caring for our elders, disabled children and disabled adults the government has seen the opportunity that those who would take advantage of the demograhhic group could come into play; And has seen fit to move towards stricter adherence to laws with regards to home health care in those companies that offer such services. These are the reasons that will keep Harlow's moving forward with positive growth in the future. (A2a) Explain how you provide for that force in your strategic plan:

Harlow's plans to make sure their employees are all well trained and versed in all federal and state guidelines for the care of their clients. Harlow's can easily adapt to any new regulations that come about by continuing training and refreshers for their staff to keep them abreast of any and all industry changes and requirements. As the company grows and gets busier they will continue to hire and train new employees to assure to adhere to compliance in order to maintain quality care and services for their clients this will help with the overall customer service and regulatory aspects of the business. As well as ensure that Harlow's can continue to hire well-qualified employees. Harlow's can partner with local vocational institutions this way they will have access to students before they can be hired by the competition in addition to this Harlow's will continue to pay each...

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