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In the song Umbrella
by Rihanna featuring
Jay-Z, there are many examples of literary
techniques. Here are some striking ones:
“No clouds in my storms:”
Jay-Z uses this
phrase to describe his life. He is indicating
that there are no problems in his life; while
it may rain sometimes, there are no dark
clouds glooming up his sky. This example
of metaphor gives the audience a clear
view of how Jay-Z portrays his life.
Jay-Z continues to say,
“I hydroplane into
fame (Eh eh
).” This example of rhyme
engages the audience with a pleasing tone
in the song. He is indicating that in those
rainstorms in his life, the ground may be
wet, but it’s okay, because he slides into
fame when life is going on around him (the
Literary Analysis of Umbrella
by Rihanna featuring Jay-Z
Miss Quaranta
July 2007
Literary Terms
Miss Quaranta
July 2007
By Rihanna
Feat. Jay-Z
In the chorus, Rihanna uses the metaphor of an
umbrella to tell her love or her friend that she will
protect him. She says,
“You can stand under my
” to enforce that nothing will happen to
him when they are together.

In the second verse, Rihanna uses the phrase,
“When the world has dealt it's cards.”
She is
telling her love or her friend that no matter what
happens in the world, no matter what those
outside events are, they will stick together and be

Last but not least, Rihanna ends the song singing,
“Ooo baby it's raining,”
which happens to be a
good thing in this song. She is using the rain as a
symbol for the events in life, whether common or
problematic, and telling the object of her
affection to come be her “partner” and protect
each other.
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