Topics: Need, Want, Anxiety Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 13, 2013
English Period 6
6 May 2013 Chapters 5-10
Needing Money
In the book Black Boy, an autobiography by Richard Wright, Richard as a young teenager has a desperation for money. The most tragic event for Richard is he wants money so bad that he does not care what he does or how he does it to get money, he just wants it so he can have better clothes and to leave his home.

Richard needs a job to afford better clothes and is willing to quit school. He has tolerated poor clothes but is now ashamed to go to school because of his ratty clothes. Richard devises a plan to tell Granny that if she does not allow him to work on Saturdays, he will leave home to work, “Look, I won’t go to school like this! I’m not asking you for money or to do anything. I only want to work,” (Wright 144). Richard is so anxious to get a job because he is so ashamed of how shabby his clothes look. This is tragic because he becomes embarrassed about how he looks. He would not have to worry about this if his family had more money, but because they do not Richard feels the need to find a job of his own so he can buy better clothes to wear for himself. In time of desperation Richard says that he will not go to school because of his clothes. Granny does not care whether Richard goes to school or not, all she knows about Richard now is that he is dead to her. This adds to the list of why Richard wants to earn enough money to leave his home.

In order to leave his home Richard must earn money to get over to Memphis with or without a job. Richard becomes so desperate to leave his home that he is willing to anything at this point. After already selling and reselling tickets at the movie theaters, his job, Richard decides to steal his neighbors’ gun and fruit preserves from a college to resell, “The gun in the neighbor’s house came to my mind, and the cans of fruit preserves in the storehouse of the college,” (Wright 206). At this point Richard does not care how far he must go to the money he needs, all...
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