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Harvard Business Case: "Living on Internet Time: Product Development at Netscape, Yahoo!, NetDyanamics, and Microsoft".

2. What are the similarities and differences between the four approaches to product development? What drives these differences?
Net Dynamic
 Development Methodology
RAD Prototype
Agile RAD
Throwaway Prototype 
(BA/Interactive design)
 Interactive design -Goal oriented
 Interactive design -Goal oriented
  Interactive design -Goal oriented
 Noble Path, Business analyst.
Programming language
LSI and CAD s/w
Unix and NT and later JAVA
 User involvement in throughout the development
Feedback was throughout during the design, coding and integration stages  Initial internal staff was involved and external users were Integrated in the development process at the later stage.  Customer inputs at time of setting objectives , Advance users from customers for evaluating the prototype  User feedback was taken throughout the SDLC development

Release process

Multiple prototype Beta release, with first release was limited to internal development staff. Prototype releases were slow, to ensure progressive robustness of new product. Based on the design flaws detected by users during beta and gamma tests. Major versions released in 9 months

 Error detection process
From developers and newsgroups until the stabilization
Stage was reached
External users and internal staff
 Advance users conducted Beta and Gamma tests
 Market and employee feedback
Daily Build for continues integration
It was not done
It was not done
Every morning
It was not done
Factors Driving by
 External customer feedback
 External users at later stage. Min loading time of web apps by keeping graphics content low  The fact of delivering the products within time, instead of it being perfect/flawless. Web pages were linked with internal...
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