Jews Without Money

Topics: Suicide, Plains Indians, Great Plains Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Gory Thomas 2/26/14 Mr. Verde Supa 102 My Antonia Discussion Questions

1. Make connections from the book to show how the immigrants who came to America in the late 1800's tried to keep some of their "homeland" traditions alive in their new environment. Describe, at least 3 different examples of this.

One way how the immigrants who came to America tried to keep their "homeland" traditions is when Jim and Antonia wanted to go see the new Russian's who had lived in their town. When they visited Peter (One of the Russian's), he wanted to keep the guests entertained, so he pulled out a harmonica and started playing it for them. Jim said that " Peter looked about perplexity for something that would entertain us. He ran into the storeroom and brought out a gaudily painted harmonica"(pg 29) this means that back in Russia they used harmonicas as a use of entertainment which is a homeland tradition. Another "homeland tradition" is when "Mr. Shimerda rose, crossed himself, and quietly knelt down before the tree"(pg 61) this means that the Bohemian family is very religious and the Burdens family doesn't do that behavior. Another example of a homeland tradition is when Mr. Shimerda used to play his trombone in Russia with his friend and watch the flowers bloom which Antonia says "he used to sit there with his friend and play trombone"(pg 159) he couldn't play his trombone anymore because he had no other friends over in America and the tradition died out since he moved to America. 2. Why did Mr. Shimerda commit suicide and how did it impact his family. Give 2 specific examples.

Mr. Shimerda committed suicide because he was feeling depressed and couldn't handle the stress. His only friends that he made in America had died and went back to their country,...
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