Jews, Christians, Greeks, and Romans

Topics: Ancient Rome, Torah, Judaism Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: April 5, 2008
The Greeks, The Romans, The Jews, and the Christians were all important civilizations in Ancient History. Why? Because they all had a hand in forming what is now the government of the United States. All of these people had many similarities and many differences. For instance, the Greeks and Romans both had polytheistic religions, based upon many of the same gods, whereas Christianity and Judaism are Monotheistic Religions, based on parts of the same scriptures.

Christianity is a derivative of Judaism, for instance the ‘Holy Bible’ contains a slightly altered version of the Jewish Torah, or the first five books of the Old Testament. Judaism worships Abraham, and says that both Abraham and Christ were both just prophets to God. Whereas Christianity shows Christ as a deity along with God. Both religions do, however follow the 10 commandments. The Jews did extend on those and wrote the Talmud, which contained 613 more laws on the same general ideas.

The Greeks and the Romans both existed in Ancient times, the Roman Empire extending into the Middle Ages. They were famous for art, philosophy, and military power. Both of these civilizations had much to do with how our country is run today. The Greeks started the idea of “citizens”. They belived that everyone had a say in the way they were being governed. The first Juries originated in Ancient Greece. In ancient Rome, the concept of Democracy was much more utilized. Both Rome and Greece had polytheistic religions, based on the same sets of Gods. Both also are credited with starting the concept that “all people have worth”.
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