Jewish Holidays
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Jewish Holy Days Essay "Rosh Hashanah"
Antonio Lucero
April 18, 2013
Ray Paul Bitar

Jewish Holy Days Essay "Rosh Hashanah"
The Jewish religion has many holy days, but the one focused in this paper is “Rosh Hashanah”, “new year”. In this holy day we will talk about the significance, observances, length, customs, greeting. There are some similarities to our new year and there are some differences, main in point is that some of their traditions are very interesting. We will discuss what is a “Shofar” and what it is used for. Time is also going to be a difference not only when it is held but how long. In this paper there are some focus points we will go into depth with, origin, practices, and maybe some theology.
The Jewish holy day “Rosh Hashanah” means “head of he year” or “new year”; it is also called “Yom Hazikaron” which means a day of remembrance. There is a similarity with the American New Year and the Jewish New Year. They both look back on the past year and evaluate their mistakes and strive to do better, and make new years resolutions. It is a new start a new beginning. What is different is the date and it also rotates unlike he American New Year, which we will talk about a later and the reasoning behind it. The name in the bible is different than the name “Rosh Hashanah”; it is “Yom Ha-Zikkaron”. The name Hashanah, which I thought was interesting, is that it is found in Ezekiel and it means “beginning of the year”. The greeting for the New Year is “Shanah Tovah” which means, “Have a good year” and “L’shanah tovah” which means “for a good year.
This outs us into the length and an interesting reason when it is celebrated. The holy day is celebrated for two days and starts on the first month of their calendar. The time of year this takes place is the first day of the seventh month. The first day in the month of the Jewish calendar is Nissan, which is March and April. There is an explanation for why this holy day happens in September. Judaism

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