Jewelry Thief and the New Nicotine Patch: Notes

Topics: Nicotine, Nicotine gum, Nicotine patch Pages: 1 (457 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Jewellery Thief cause Public Chase
Screams from Jewellery shop owner, June Lai, sparks a public chase when a thief, Hong Kei Tung, tries to steal from her shop at Park Mall yesterday evening. Hong enter the shop, Goldheart, around 9.50pm and smash the two display cases with a hammer. He then proceeds to scoop a bunch of jewellery with his hands and run. After hearing June screamed, 8-10 people began pursuing the man around the mall. The posse grew in numbers during the chase. Hong was caught up by one of the chaser, Sundram, in the carpark lot and around 15-20 shoppers surround Hong holding him in place until police arrive at the scene. “He couldn’t lose me, no way he could lose me,” Sundram, said. Sundram is a former university soccer player and Special Forces commando. During the chase, Hong threw the bag of loot hoping they would stop chasing which was retrieved by a bystander and returned to June Lai. The bag contained everything which was stolen. The shoppers stood in a circle around Hong, threatening him, and at the same time commend each other of their accomplishment. Hong was unarmed and frightened by the crowd and was happy to see the police. He has been charged with grand thief and is being held on $25000 bond at Rochor Police Station. New Method help Smoker quitsNational University Hospital and 9 medical facilities from Singapore participates in an experiment to test on a new nicotine patch that would help smokers quit. This was announced in Director of National University, Professor Lo Fei Hong, office this morning. Instead of volunteers, a total of 800 patients who smoke and want to quit participate in the experiment. Evidence has shown that the patch may be more effective than nicotine gums which is designed to work the same way as people find the gum hard to chew or don’t use it in sufficient quantity. Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine or heroin which might explain why 30% of adults in Singapore smoke. Experts estimated that 90% of the...
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