JetBlue Crisis

Topics: Operating system, Traveler, Indian reservation Pages: 4 (1651 words) Published: March 15, 2014
On Valentine’s Day 2007, JetBlue decided to follow its airline policy to ensure most flights are completed and opted out to canceling flights in hopes the weather would past fast. Instead, the weather got worse, while many were stranded on flights for hours. JetBlue should have just done a massive cancelation of flights for the day rather than a case by case basis when it was too late. To determine the causes of the failure of JetBlue’s CRM system during the crisis on Valentine’s Day 2007, we first have to evaluate JetBlue’s operating system independently before the crisis took place. Compared to its major competitors, such as Delta, JetBlue is behind in today’s technology with only being able to rebook a flight only through a telephone call to the headquarters. With today’s technologies there should be no reason for lack of web site access or an internal kiosk at the airport. To my understanding, reservations can be made online on their website, why isn’t their access to rebooking as well? I believe their IT team is a little behind. A kiosk is not only efficient in rebooking a flight, but also in many others was that I will get into details further in this paper. Before Valentines’ Day 2007, no reports had been made with failures of JetBlue’s operating systems. This tells me the IT team did not test the systems in an event of an emergency. Companies’ operating systems will be most effective if tested in event of any emergencies and be prepared. I believe the biggest vulnerability JetBlue had was their logistics systems were insufficient. Major issue was their Skysolver system. This was JetBlue’s primary software tracking system, supposedly its main objective was to optimize the routing of the companies’ planes during severe weather disruptions. Clearly a fail! There is a middleware system used to transfer data into SkySolver, and failed on Valentine’s Day 2007. It only took a few hours to figure out what had gone wrong with the middleware software, but by...
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