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Sample Essay: Jet Blue Airways: Starting From Scratch
Three National Equal Employment Opportunities Laws
Jet Blue Airways was established to adhere to corporate values of safety, caring, integrity, fun, and passion (Gittel & O’Reilly, 2001).  These values, in turn, became the basis for the human resources policies and procedures established by the company.  As a player in the highly service-oriented airline industry, the company’s commitment to its corporate values has enabled it to adhere to several key tenets of the Equal Employment Opportunity policies under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  In particular, the Equal Employment Opportunity “prohibit the discriminatory practices in hiring, discharging, promotion, layoff, and pay of workers…these policies extend to the training, selection, or recruitment of workers” (United States Commission on Human Rights 1966, p.1).  In view of Jet Airways, one key policy that ensured that it complied with, and even surpassed, the equal opportunity tenet was on the aspect of pay.  In particular, the company provided customized employment packages intended to “ensure overall equity in treatment” (Gittel & O’Reilly 2001, p.10).  The company also waived the probationary period, which meant that employees were certain of job security.  Furthermore, the company also gave above industry compensation, medical benefits, and profit-sharing benefits to the “most overlooked group in the industry – the customer service and ramp workers” (Gittel & O’Reilly 2001, p.11).  Hence, as a service-oriented company that employs a lot of people, Jet Blue Airways and its recruitment policies are also significantly influenced by the Equal Pay Act, which “protects men and women who perform substantially equal work in the same establishment from sex-based wage discrimination (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2009).  Consequently, since the company provides 401K benefits and insurance benefits, the company is adhering to the spirit of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 which protects individuals 40 years and above (Equal Employment Opportunity commission, 2009).  The long-term compensation and added benefits provided by Jet Blue Airways are designed so that even older employees are taken cared of.

While the human resources policies of Jet Blue Airways are extremely pro-employee, the management is very strict about drug and alcohol abuse since these acts run counter to the safety code of the company.  Drugs and alcohol abuse is one condition not protected by under Title I and Title V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  This means that companies have the right not to hire and to fire people who are confirmed drug and alcohol abusers.

Recruitment Efforts
External Recruitment
External Recruitment entails hiring people with the help of other from organizations (e.g. headhunters, employment firms, etc.) and through endorsements.  In the case of Jet Blue Airways, the company’s external recruitment policy was evident its practice of hiring talented, committed people from other airlines.  Examples of externally hired people included most of the company’s top management team, one of whom was president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dave Barger who previously worked for Continental Airlines.  The company also externally hired pilots from other carriers who were friends of pilots already working for Jet Blue Airways.

Internal Recruitment
Consequently, the company also practiced internal recruitment, which entailed hiring from within the company or an affiliated one.  A good example on how Jet Blue Airways applied internal recruitment was in the hiring of Ann Rhoades, who previously worked for Southwest Airlines.  Her hiring was internal by nature because Jet Blue founder David Neeleman and Ms. Rhoades used to be colleagues when Neeleman’s Morris Air was bought by Southwest Airlines.  In effect, both Neeleman and Rhoades were already previously working for one organization (i.e....
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