Jet Copies

Topics: Randomness, Statistical randomness, Random number Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Number of Days
In the simulation I have the breakdown column which is column B which displays 13 days. The second column which is column C displays the random numbers. The random numbers will be used to calculate the time between breakdowns. The random numbers are determined by entering the formula =RAND(). Once we have the random numbers now I have the ability to determine the time between breakdowns. Weeks between Breakdowns

The time between breakdowns allows you to estimate the time between the breakdowns of the copy machine. The time between breakdown allows you to also understand how the long the copy machines will work and how long they will last before they breakdown again. In column D row 16 is where I input the formula to find the time between breakdown =6*SQRT(Random r1). I used =6*SQRT(0.862) to get the first time between breakdown in the amount of 5.570. From there I copied and pasted the formula to the remaining D column to get the rest of the time between breakdowns in weeks.

Cumulative Time
Now that the time between breakdowns is set, this will allow me to determine the cumulative time. The cumulative time allows us to determine the running time for the frequency. This is determined by adding the time between breakdowns plus the cumulative times. In column E row 16 I placed the time between breakdowns for the first random number used in D16. We then add column E to column D to get the cumulative time by copying and pasting the formula to the remaining D column E. To answer the question in the problem, the cumulative time had to equal 52 weeks (1 year) to help determine the loss of revenue.

Repair Time
The repair time determines how long it will take to repair the copy machines when they breakdown. In order to calculate the repair time we must create a new column for random numbers, Column F. In this column I used the formula =RAND() to find random number 2. Next I used the random number 2 in column F and the lookup tool. In order to get...
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