Jet Blue

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What kind of corporate advertising program would you recommend for JetBlue?
Prior to the February 2007 storms, JetBlue managed to build a solid reputation as one of the airline industries leaders in customer satisfaction. . “The foundation of a solid reputation exists when an organization’s identity and its image are aligned. (Argenti, 2009, p. 83) The companies solid foundation and reputation was due largely in part to providing its customers a variety of amenities and superior customer service that no other airlines offered, at least not for the low-cost fares that the company provided. In the wake of the events of the winter storm, JetBlue is forced to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to repair the damage. To meet this challenge I would recommend that the company focuses on marketing through social networks and partnering up with other industry leaders through customer loyalty incentives. Advertising through other industry leaders outside of the airline industry Outside of providing the normal airline incentives of generous legroom, free satellite radio and television and signature snacks, the company should offer free hotel nights and car rentals to loyal customers (frequent fliers) after so many flights. This can be done by partnering up with well-known hotels and car rental companies who agree to advertise the company in their hotels, commercials and via their websites. This allows JetBlue to have their company advertised in conjunction with well-known companies. “There can be no little doubt that airline frequent-flier incentive plans are one of the most significant developments in the history of relationship marketing and customer loyalty plans.” (Basso, Clements & Ross, 2009, p.101). In order for the company to rebuild and restore their customer base, they should focus on providing loyal customer programs with incentives that make them stand out amongst the competition. Marketing through Social Networks

One possible way for...

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