Jet Blue

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Meltdown at Jet Blue
Sherri Hernandez
February 22, 2013
Donna Rosentrater

Meltdown at Jet Blue
There were many problems going on at Jet Blue when there was a really bad storm on Valentine’s Day in the year of 2007. Many airports had to completely shut down and cancel all of their current flights because the weather had such bad conditions. This was a result of freezing rain and sleet. Many passengers were very irate and angry because their flights were delayed or either cancelled. In order for the passengers to rebook their flights they would have to call the Jet Blue reservation office. At the rime the people were calling trying to rebook flights and everything there were only 650 agents available to take calls at one particular time. There were a lot more people needing assistance than there were available agents. They were able to get 950 agents available but they were still having a difficult time finding enough staff to assist people. Jet Blue finally had to dispatch a technology team to the airport to help with all of the problems they were experiencing. There were people that were missing their luggage and their bags. Jet Blue needed to have more available agents to help assist people in such a time of need. They should have been way more prepared for something like this than what they were. If it were up to me I would have had a lot of different agents that could be available in case of an emergence such as this. They needed to have better computer systems where people could get online and take care of rebooking and things like that instead of having to call the company and wait for such a long time just to talk to an agent. This was a very bad situation and there were things that could have been taken care of so much easier if they were actually prepared. (But that’s just my opinion.)
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