Jesus's Leadership Patterns

Topics: Leadership, Jesus, Management Pages: 8 (2675 words) Published: December 13, 2010

Albert Tamado

Unit 2 Assignment
Submitted to Dr William Bill Kirsch
In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for
Leadership Training Models

Global School of Theology
7 December 2010


Synopsis of Leadership Pattern of Jesus
Belief in the Leadership Pattern of Jesus
Growth in the Leadership Pattern of Jesus
Relationships in the Leadership Pattern of Jesus
Aspirations in the Leadership Pattern of Jesus
Description of the Author's Leadership Style in Cultural-Ministerial Context Strengths the Author's Leadership Style Reveal
Weaknesses the Author's Leadership Style Reveal
Changes to the Author's Leadership Style to Pattern it after the Style Modelled by Jesus How the Changes will be Implemented
Reference List

This paper provides an interesting synopsis of the leadership pattern of Jesus in terms of belief, growth, and aspirations. The writer of this paper describes his leadership style in his cultural-ministerial context with the view of fairly evaluating the strength and weaknesses therein. In matching his leadership style with that of Jesus, the writer identifies principles that can enrich his leadership. At the end the writer provides strategies of how he will improve his leadership style on the basis of the perfect model of Jesus. Synopsis of Leadership Pattern of Jesus

Key to the leadership of Jesus is the concept of servant leadership and principle-centred leadership which He models perfectly. Servant leadership is mainly about humble sacrificial service in accomplishing the mission of God and serving those in this mission (Wilkes 1988, 18). Principle-centred leadership is where a leader leads on the basis of foundational leadership principles. A leader follows tested values than his emotions or prejudices. On the whole the leadership of Jesus can be summarised as leading disciples to grow, helping them to grow, teaching them to relate, and stimulating the disciples to have aspirations (Nile 1988, 31). Jesus as a servant leader came to serve by giving His life and not to be served (Mark 10:45) Longenecker (1995, 34) summarises the life of Jesus in transforming disciples into leaders as “He loved them, lived among them, shared Himself with them, taught them, and put up with them.” This is a perfect example of the life of a leader in relation to his followers.

Belief in the Leadership Pattern of Jesus
According to Longenecker (1995, 39) 'since faith is the foundation of leadership, [Jesus] began by leading his men to believe.' A person's life is coloured all round by what he/she believes. If we change what a person believes we have totally changed the course of his life. Our convictions drive us into action. The last thing for a person to give up is his/her core beliefs. Leaders are sustained by what they believe and who they believe. Jesus is therefore justified in beginning with building the faith of His disciples, testing their faith, and causing them to exercise it. At this point we will discuss the nature of faith and how it is necessary in leadership as exemplified by leadership training ministry of Jesus. Faith is a living thing and it 'allows God free access into [one's] life and stimulates [one] to do serious business with God' (Longenecker 1995, 46). Drawing heavily from the book of Mark, Longenecker (1995, 42-43) identifies faith-triggering moments in Jesus leadership training ministry. These consisted in preaching, teaching, healing, casting out devils, forgiving, and confronting religion. The quest for true godliness or Christlikeness, which is a treasure in Christian leadership, 'is doomed unless [it] rests on a faith commitment to Jesus and His word' (Longenecker 1995, 45). Faith also produces meaningful relationships and helps one to project himself/herself into the future. Without faith no one will be wiling to live because our lives are...
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