Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres: Judgment and Perception

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Judgment and perception begins at a young age, and continues throughout life. How a person views something affects their beliefs about life and how to live it; one impression can really change a person’s attitude. Through these beliefs and impressions a person uses symbols to express their feelings and emotions that some people try to use to void out their experiences. Throughout her memoir, Jesus Land, Julia Scheeres uses symbols to identify her process of escape from her emotions and experiences; symbols such as, alcohol, music, and hope to signify her determination of breaking free from her problems and running away from life. Julia’s life has been rough and through it she has found ways to escape her pain and become numb to her surroundings. At the start of the book Julia is found drinking her “comfort” the first day of her new school. She finds herself drinking to numb the transitions of a new school, new friends and a new Julia. “I’ve decided to make a party impression at Harrison. Party hardy…The new Julia will throw back her head and laugh as if she didn’t have a care in the world. And this laughter and happiness will make her attractive to people and win her admiration and friends.” (Scheeres 42) As Julia said she was using her “comfort” to change who she truly was and make it seem as if she didn’t have a care in the world. When she truly did, she cared about making friends, finding a group and being accepted. Julia’s life has taken another turn she’s gone from being a Juvenile delinquent to a girl in reform school half way around the world. Even in a caged world of misery Julia finds her and her brother trying to escape a life of pain. In this small village David who once was opposed to alcohol finds himself enjoying “coconut juice” every chance he gets. “Hey there’s booze in this!” .... ‘Must be my bad Spanish. I’ll send them back.’ ‘Are you nuts?’ I press my glass against my ‘I Jesus’ T-shirt protectively,...
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