Jesus Ethical Teachings

Topics: Human, God, Virtue Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 8, 2008
In this chapter Roger Crook attempts to explain biblical ethics. He elaborates on Jesus ethical teachings, and the teachings of Paul. He basically tries to convey the message set forth in the Bible regarding the laws to be followed and the role that Jesus played as a prophet.

I was impacted by the acknowledgement that Jesus was not a methodical teacher. He was not like the others in the sense that he preached to the people, and just expected them to do as he said. Jesus had a very unique way of teaching to his disciples. Instead of telling people what to do, his idea was to change the way people carried out a relationship with God. Jesus believed that a persons character would affect their actions. I agree with this thought, that if you are “good”, you will do “good” things. I also believe it was more effective for Jesus to act in this way, meaning he did not force his disciples to act in a certain manner. He in a sense weeded out the “bad” from the “good”. The disciples in finding that love for God would be pushed in the right direction.

Another thing that must be known is that Jesus did not focus on the individual. He knew it was necessary for the person to be a part of a community that shared the same beliefs, and worshiped God. Like we have so often discussed, the Church is an integral part of a faith relationship with God. It is needed to have a source of ethics form where to obtain knowledge from, and to have a support system to rely upon. It is often said, that there is strength in numbers. I also believe, that besides the fact that Jesus wanted to influence the most people he possibly could, t was also more effective to have people that share the same thoughts to be a part of a community. This way there is less room for conflict and distress within the community.

Like it is stated in the book, Jesus never points out the “perfect” person, but he does point out certain ways we should act. There are qualities of character that one should...
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