Jesus Christ

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Jesus loves you. He died on the cross to save you from your sins. No matter how much you mess up, He will still be there to protect you. He is a unfailing God that will never leave you or forsake you. People ask: Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is the only son of god despite coming from a woman. He is the light that came to earth to clarify our path and our soul. He is a man that walked to earth all the way from Israel.

What was his mission? His mission was to guide us and to let us know him. It also was to show us a better path full of truth so that no one that believes in his father is lost. It also was to show and to remind us the love of his father and what he wants for us.

Jesus Christ came to redeem humanity from things that have shaped the soul of being a human being whose things were not right. Jesus came to deliver truth in a world of false beliefs. Our greatest need is a spiritual need, which we cannot fulfill with the gain in this life such as profits or pleasure.

His mission was to change our way of thinking so that we would know the love of God. He came driven by an immense love to suffer for us. Also, to purge our sins showing us how to live.

He came to live in this world to complete the mission which is to suffer and die for our sins in the cross. Right now he is in us so we can follow his path full of love like he showed us to have a better life, to obtain the glory in the eternal life, and to follow the commandments that he left us.
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