Jesus Camp

Topics: Holy Spirit, Glossolalia, Christianity Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Ms. Van Amerong
ENC 1101
March 10, 2012
Jesus Camp is a documentary about the beliefs and rituals of the Evangelistic people all around America. Many people believe that these Evangelists are taking Christianity to a whole new level. In the movie, parents raise their kids to believe that being Christian is the only right thing. You are either a believer in God or not. In the documentary, the directors, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady show how Evangelists have shifted far right and away from the ideals and principles of Christianity, through emotional imagery, religious anecdotes, and rhetorical appeals.

Jesus Camp utilizes children’s emotions immensely throughout the film to create pathos. In the film children cry out and plead to god as their hands are being cleansed as the Evangelical ministers and parents accuse them of being “fake” and “hypocrites” and questioned about how they act outside of church. Children at this Jesus camp are also required to pray, preach, and are even told to “speak in tongues” to the Lord.

The children are told to repent for all the sins they have committed through their life and are being initiated into “Gods Army.” When the kids repent, it was shown in different ways, such as speaking in tongues, praying intensely, and just pleading God for forgiveness. The only way they can be forgiven of their sins is through repentance, if they don’t repent, they will go to hell.

The tone of this documentary is sort of dark in a way. Not mysterious, but it’s apparent that the director’s cut out and made things look as if they were darker and more intense than they probably really were. Also, the children in the Documentary look as if they are heavily influenced by the family members and ministers around them. They seem to have no choice and aren’t exposed to any other religion or ideals.

The directors also creates logos, such as the confrontational sermons and rituals that make the audience question if...
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