Jesus and Strength

Topics: Jesus, Interpersonal relationship, New Testament Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Jacob Needham
GNST 111-IDP Pathways to Student Success
February 2, 2014
Paper 1- Affirming My Top Five Signature Themes
I have adequately obtained my top five strengths through the test we took for class. My top five strengths are: Connectedness, Relator, Strategic, Belief, and Woo. Personally, I agree with the accuracy of the test, it was very in tuned, but it was also very descriptive on why these where my five strengths. I cannot wait to use these strengths even more adequately now that I understand how to use them in my life and in my career in ministry. Connectedness

Connectedness means to have faith in links between all things, and believing there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason. I highly agree that this is one of my strengths because I practice this all the time. I very much believe this because I know and believe with my heart that every event that takes place in life is for a reason. God allows things to happen in our lives to allow us to see and experience so that we may believe. I look at it this way the Bible links to all things, so if I believe in God’s word and store it close to my heart then I believe that everything happens for a reason. If I mess up and make a mistake, then yes I will have to face a consequence, but again all things are linked. So I highly stand on the fact that I have the strength of connectedness because I use it every day of my life and in my walk with Jesus Christ. Relator

My next strength is Relator, that means having an enjoyment in a close relationship with others, and finding deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. I see this in my everyday life because of my close relationships I have with a few of my best friends. Its not like I just have a regular friendship with them and hangout with them. I consider them my brothers and sisters, and that’s because of how close we are spiritually and emotionally. We do more than just hangout or talk, we teach each...
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