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THE WORDS AND ACTIONS OF JESUS The Kingdom is Coming The first words of Jesus’ public ministry: o “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.".” (Mark 1:15) Jesus speaks of the Kingdom: o 36 times in Matthew o 14 times in Mark o 32 times in Luke Parables: “the Kingdom of heaven is like…” o mustard seed, leaven, a treasure, a merchant, a net, a householder, a man going on a journey, etc. The Kingdom is both present and future Requirement: REPENTANCE (change of mind)

THE WORDS AND ACTIONS OF JESUS Jesus Speaks of God Jesus refers to God as “Father” as “Abba” which is equivalent to Papa or Daddy. Jesus speaks of the Father in intimate terms, with affection Jesus teaches us to pray, “Our Father…” *THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT GOD IS A MAN. IT IS AN IMAGE TO HELP US KNOW THAT WE TOO ARE LOVED INTIMATELY AND CAN THINK OF GOD AS A LOVING PARENT.

THE WORDS AND ACTIONS OF JESUS Jesus Teaches Jesus is referred to as “teacher” more than any other title in the Gospels. Typical rabbis quoted other famous rabbis to support their message. Jesus spoke from his own authority: “Amen, I say to you…” Love of God and love of neighbor are central to his teaching. Jesus sometimes taught using sermons Jesus’ main teaching tool: parables

THE WORDS AND ACTIONS OF JESUS Jesus’ Parables Short, memorable stories Used images familiar to people of his time (fishing, shepherding, farming, etc.) Invite/challenge the hearer to SEE DIFFERENTLY Themes: o Assurance of the approach of the Kingdom o The presence of the kingdom o God’s mercy o God’s judgment o The need for immediate response o Conditions for discipleship o The Passion o The end of the world

Parable Alert servants Barren fig tree Bread of life Budding fig tree Children in market Christian light Dinner guests Divided kingdom Feast invitations Friend at midnight Good Samaritan Good shepherd Great physician Grooms attendants Growing seed Hidden treasure Householder Humbled guest King's war plans Laborers in vineyard Landowner Leaven Lost coin Lost sheep Marriage feast Mustard seed Net of fish New cloth New wine Pearl of great price Pharisee and tax collector Prodigal son Rich man & Lazarus Rich fool Salt without taste Servant's duty Sheep and goats Sign of Jonah Tares in field (part 1) Tares in field (part 2) Ten Minas Ten talents Ten virgins The Sower (part 1) The Sower (part 2) Two debtors Two sons Unclean spirit Unjust judge Unjust steward Unmerciful servant Unprepared builder Vine and branches Watching servants Wise builder Wise servant Wise steward Matthew Mark 13:33-37 13:6-9 6:31-38 24:32-35 11:16-19 5:14-16 12:24-30 13:28-32 4:21-23 3:22-27 21:29-33 7:31-35 8:16-18 14:15-24 11:14-23 14:12-14 11:5-13 10:25-37 10:1-18 9:10-13 9:14-15 13:44 13:52 14:7-11 14:31-33 20:1-16 21:33-46 13:33 12:1-12 20:9-18 13:20-21 15:8-10 15:4-7 13:18-19 5:36 5:37-39 18:9-14 15:11-32 16:19-31 12:16-21 14:34-35 17:7-10 11:29-32 2:15-17 2:18-20 4:26-29 5:29-32 5:33-35 Luke John


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4:30-32 2:21 2:22

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Sermons of Jesus Christ
Matthew Sermon/Discourse Sermon on the mount The 12 commissioned About John the Baptist A house divided Parables by the sea Kingdom greatness Authority of Christ Woes to leaders The end of time Upper room discourse Mark Sermon/Discourse Parables by the sea Traditions of men Warnings Concerning divorce Return of Christ Luke Sermon/Discourse Sermon on the plain About John the Baptist Parables by the sea Seventy sent How to pray A house divided Pharisees rebuked God cares Discipleship The lost parables The second coming Parables on prayer The...
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