Jerusalem: The Holy City of God

Topics: Judaism, Christianity, Jerusalem Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: February 21, 2009
Mythical Place/Object Paper

There are many mythical places or objects throughout the world of mythology. Many of them you may be familiar with or not. If you stop to think about it for a bit, you come to realize that these mythical places and objects still co-exists to this day and are still practiced or frowned upon. After reviewing the many different mythical places and objects we were able to narrow down our selection to places. In the end, we decided to do our paper on Jerusalem. To many Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Jerusalem has been considered to be the “beloved of God”. It was also known as the “Heavenly Jerusalem, “New Jerusalem” or the newly discovered “Kingdom of God”. These references still hold true to many Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The Holy Bible says Jerusalem is a city chosen by God, the place where He put His name. It is also a place where King David reigned and his son Solomon built the first temple. Jerusalem is the most sacred city in the world for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. With Jerusalem being the most important place for the three religions, unfortunately it has gone and withstood many adversities of myriad wars and conflicts. Jerusalem is believed to be the link between physical world and that of faith and ideas. This Holy City has been celebrated and desecrated many times over. The rich history of Jerusalem that still continues to this day is a great example of a tapestry of cultures woven together in the most delicate way. Even though the Christians, Muslims, and Jews have different practices there is one thing that remains true throughout the three. It is the continuous thread of belief in one God and the reverence of Jerusalem as being the “place where heaven and earth meet. Jerusalem, although it considered to be a Holy City “beloved of God”, it has fallen many times through their transgressions. No one would have thought that Jerusalem would one day sit so still and alone. Not when it was full of...
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