Jersey City Summer Internship Program

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“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”- Colin Powell. Everyday of my life, I followed this lesson in life and it will continue to run through my blood forever. In following this life lesson, in six years, I see myself as a mature twenty-three-year-old adult still in college and working each and every day for my bachelor’s and even master’s degree. After receiving my degree, I hope to have my own business and on the side apply to a company like, Apple and pursue my engineering skills in the field that I’m assigned too. I would also like to be a role model and help out the community any way I can and show everyone that hard work can lead to unbelievable things in life. Also, I would like to start my own family and raise my children to be respectful, kind, mature and …show more content…
will provide me with a moderate middle class lifestyle. I would own a house, work hard to make my parents retire early, donate some of my money to local charities and keep the rest for my basic needs and my children’s future college expenses. I believe the Jersey City Summer Internship Program can set me on this path to success. Also, it can help me with better communication skills, team leadership and the ability to get work done faster and proficiently. The Jersey City Summer Internship Program will provide me with business experience that I could continue to utilize in my future occupation. If all goes well and my application is accepted into the Jersey City Summer Internship Program, I believe I can make new friends, connections and most importantly experience for other jobs that I might apply in the near future. This program would benefit me and my future directly because no matter my occupation, I will be able to utilize these skills in life and it will teach me how a daily work office environment is

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