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Paula Mason

Social Learning Theory on Jerome Bruner

Jerome Bruner (1915 - ) Constructivism & Discovery Learning
In studying the work of Jerome Bruner, it is described that the psychologist “has set in motion innovations for which there may have been theoretical bases for some time.”1 Bruner discusses and describes educational purposes which involve the acquisition and development of “intellectual skills, and stressed culture’s effect on a person’s intelligence and ways of thinking.”2 The three Facets of Bruner’s learning ideas are: ·Acquisition of New Information

·Transformation of Knowledge
·Check of the Pertinence and Adequacy of Knowledge
Bruner suggested that people remember things “with a view towards meaning and signification, not toward the end of somehow ‘preserving’ the facts themselves. This view of knowledge and memory as a constructed entity is consistent with constructivism, with which Bruner is also closely associated.”3 Bruner maintained a constant thought, that education is a process of discovery. He stated that students pursuing concepts on own could gain better understanding. Bruner also stated students that are engaged in active dialogue and guidance when needed from teacher, would progressively build their own knowledge base rather than being taught. “New information would be classified and understood based on knowledge already gained.”4 Traditional teaching and constructivist theory share similar ideas for teaching. Similarities include, plan and specify objective learning goals, put together and make assessments. The difference between the two roles is that “a shift in emphasis away from the teacher merely providing information and toward the teacher promoting the interaction that makes students’ thing open and visible.”5

How I would use the theory
When using his theory in the classroom I would start with Bruner’s central idea. This theory promotes readiness in learning....

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