Topics: Fear, Phobia, Mental disorder Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 21, 2013
"Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake".(Edgar Wallace) The quote means that fear can rule your life, they can be very dangerous if you let them take over. Phobias can control a person’s life. They can cause a person to act in an undesirable fashion and do undesirable deeds. The word phobia comes from the Greek word Phobos meaning fear. A Phobia is a continuous, excessive fear response to objects or situations that are for most people are scary or mildly scary. Phobias can be life controlling. They are controlling because phobias usually involve common life situations. “If the feared situation is frequently encountered, can greatly interfere in the general conduct of life...”(Friedman 157) “Even though phobias can be overcome, while a person has one they live to avoid it. Most people let the phobia terrorize their lives while they try to avoid it, Instead of just getting help to get past it.”(Denny 125) Even though that is easier said than done it is possible to overcome a phobia with time. Phobias are terrible life mental fears that if not taken care of can control your life. Phobias are mental disorders that can cause a person to have problems with themselves. “I thought about just running out of the cell and just jumping over the balcony ahead. Six floors up and hard rock below-three or four seconds and it will all be over.”(Smith 110) This quote describes how a phobia can make you want to harm yourself. The fear of Alex who is a boy that went to jail made him think of jumping off the ledge and trying to kill himself. People will go to great lengths to avoid their phobia. Most people with phobias will go to greater lengths to avoid Wilson 2

their phobia than to cure it. If a phobia goes on without being checked than it will progressively get worse. There are few cases where there the person with the phobia will attempt to get help. But other than that...
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