Jeremy Rikin Essay

Topics: Psychology, Los Angeles Times, Human Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Karenne Uribe
Mrs. Ponce
English 12.6
13 December 2014
In this article, “A Change of Heart about Animals,” Jeremy Rifkin argues that animals are the same as humans because they have emotions, cognitive abilities and are self-aware. Rifkin supports his argument by using the rhetorical tools of comparing and pathos. His purpose is to encourage people to take action in order to treat animals more humanely. His audience is people who read the LA Times and his tone is compassionate. Rifkin’s purpose to his argument is to encourage people to take action in order to treat animals more humanely. He does this by giving animals human characteristics such as names and calling them fellow creatures. He believes animals should stop being used in experiments, circuses, as entertainment, stop hunting them and be recognized as fellow creatures due to their similarities to humans. Rifkin supports his argument by comparing animals to humans. He does this by providing evidence that animals having emotions, cognitive abilities, and self-awareness like humans. An example he gives of animals having emotions is the study on pigs’ social behavior. According to studies funded by McDonald’s at Purdue University pigs crave attention, like most humans, and are easily depressed if isolated or denied playtime. He also argues that animals have cognitive abilities like the two New Caledonian crows named Betty and Abel. In a controlled experiment, scientists at Oxford University reported that the two birds were able to problem solve when given the choice between using two tools, a hooked wire, and the other a straight wire, to snag a piece of meat from inside a tube. He also argued that animals have self-awareness. New studies at the Washington National Zoo show when given a mirror an orangutan named Chantek used it to groom his teeth and adjust his sunglasses, showing a sense of self.

Rifkin also uses pathos to make his argument clear, convincing, and engaging. In his argument he...

Cited: Rifkin, Jeremy. “A Change of Heart about Animals.” Los Angeles Times 1 September 2003.
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