Jejemon Sterotypes

Topics: Stereotypes, Social network service, Stereotype Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: December 17, 2010
Is he what I think he is?

Stereotypes among people has always been an issue ever since. But what does it really mean? It was always believed that stereotyping is about how people cluster themselves in specific groups that share similar traits and who are prone to behave the same way. These classifications may be good or bad, depending mostly on how the person takes it. There are a number of different stereotypes out there. Some of the most common are the popular ones, rich kids, nerds, goth, jock, preppy, skater, hippie, cheerleaders and the like. We have even seen them in different movies and always had the same story -- discrimination among those stereotypes. These groups can mostly be seen in other countries especially in the United States. But did you know, here in the Philippines, they are making another stereotype? They call it the Jejemons.

What is a Jejemon anyway? Over the past month, Jejemons have become so big that they have already been featured on Yahoo, Saksi, Pinoy Big Brother and wherever. But what is their style? And how can you spot or tell someone if he/she is a jejemon? It has been actually defined in many ways already. One of the most common and obvious reason is that when a person tyPeZ lYKeS tH1s pfOuh.. whether you are rich or poor, young or old, ifpK eU tYpE L1K3 tHiS pfOuh..eU are already considered as a Jejemon. For instance, they say “e0wSsZz pOwhhZz mUsZtAhH nUah pOwhHzz kEowHsz?” and when translated means “Hello. How are you?”.

In a more formal way, Jejemon is term used for a certain categorized kind of people. They type JEJEJE when they want to express laughing in written words, which happen more than often. This is why we call them jejes. They are mainly the species of humanity that types in this captivatingly unusual manner, as if they’re like a chimp that’s dancing on the keyboard and then hit “enter”. This is actually caused by their very low IQ. It was also said that they already destroyed the morale...
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