Jehovah's Everlasting Covenants

Topics: Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve, Abraham Pages: 3 (2162 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Jehovah's Everlasting Covenants
God has two types of covenants: unilateral and bilateral. A unilateral covenant is a one-sided covenant which God imposes upon Himself and/or man. A bilateral covenant is a two-sided covenant or a mutually agreed upon covenant between God and man. Both types of covenants require a continuous relationship between God and man. Both types of covenants have rules between them giving them the effect and the appearance of law. But, a covenant is more than a set of laws. A covenant requires an ongoing relationship between God and man whereas a law does not (God's Covenants). A unilateral covenant is one-sided and nonnegotiable. It is not a mutual agreement between God and man. God’s unilateral covenants are imposed on Himself or man for as long as He deems necessary. This is why it is called unilateral or one-sided. On the other hand, a bilateral covenant is a mutually agreed covenant between God and man. A bilateral covenant has a set of rules or laws that are binding upon both parties. A bilateral covenant is drawn up and put into effect for mutually beneficial purposes and it remains in effect for as long as the covenant stipulates (God’s Covenants). Bible history reveals the Jews were not always faithful to God. Church history confirms the same is true of Christians. Human beings within any religious system are capable of adjusting or distorting their understanding of God’s will for expedient social purposes. But, deviant theology has no effect on God’s truth. God’s truth is everlasting. Civilizations come and go, but God and His truth remain forever (God’s Covenants). A covenant is an agreement that involves promises and commitments. Since God is our Creator it only makes sense that to live happy, fulfilling, and contented lives we must follow His instruction (Marriage: "The Covenant of Marriage”). There are many covenants that were established in the bible. A bilateral (two sided) covenant can be declared null and void if there...
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