Jeffersons Blood

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, Slavery in the United States, Sally Hemings Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: October 16, 2005
Jefferson's Blood

This paper is on the movie Jefferson's Blood. The movie is about the third president of the

united states Thomas Jefferson. He had a secret which at this time could have ruined his

whole career. He married the daughter of a wealthy land and slave owner named John

Wayles. Soon after the Marriage John Wayles died and left everything to his oldest

daughter. Back in these times a woman couldn't own land, so Thomas Jefferson got the land

and slaves. Along with those slaves was Betty Hemings, John's mistress who was mixed. She

was the mother of Sally Hemings, which was the half sister of Thomas's wife. Sally then

became Thomas's wife's bed aid while she was sick and dying. After she died Thomas

became a spokesmen for Paris, which had him spending a lot of time over there. When he

went to Paris he took his personal slave Jupiter with him to learn French cooking. At the

same time Paris had laws against slavery and Jupiter found this out. Soon after Jefferson sent

for his daughter to come to Paris along with her personal slave Sally Hemings. When they

arrived in Paris Jupiter told Sally that they could get out of slavery but Sally wasn't

interested. She told him that Jefferson treated them both very well and that she was going to

stay with them. Soon after, Sally became pregnant with Jefferson's baby. Upon returning to

the united states to Jefferson's estate called Monticello. In the few years following Sally

became pregnant four more times with Jefferson, this was a secret until recently. It was

always a rumor, but has been proven that the Jefferson family has two different races in them

Black and White. There is a lot of controversy about whether or not the Black part of the

family should be allowed to be buried in the family estate Monticello. Its been an ongoing

issue for many years, but the evidence is there that Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings did

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