Jefferson Etra Loose or Tight Reconstruction

Topics: United States, Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: April 4, 2007
Throughout the beginning of the country's political growth, the United States was divided into two basic political parties known as the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans. While Jefferson and Madison's presidencies were opposed by the Federalists, some of their contributions supported the Federalist Party's beliefs.. While Jefferson and Madison's decisions in office were mainly based of off a strict construction of the constitution, some decisions came from a loose construction. These loose construction decisions can be seen in the Louisiana Purchase and Jefferson and Madison's support of the national bank.

Jefferson's decision to buy the Louisiana Purchase is seen as a loose construction conclusion. Since the constitution does not state that the president can buy foreign land, Jefferson was not following the constitution when he made this decision. Jefferson submitted the agreement with France to the senate and after the republican majority ratified the purchase, the Louisiana territory was officially the United States. Jefferson's decision to buy the Louisiana Purchase benefitted the United States by doubling it's size, removing a foreign presence from it's borders, and guaranteed the extension of Western frontier lands beyond the Mississippi. Jefferson's decision to purchase shows his willingness to expand his beliefs past those of his political party's to make sure his country gets what it deserves.

Jefferson and Madison both looked past their political party's ideas to support Hamilton's national bank. Although Jefferson and Madison felt that the national bank was unconstitutional, they fully supported it. Jefferson felt that supporting the national bank would avoid a political war between parties. He also believed that destroying all of the Federalists ideas would upset them and cause the country to divide into the political parties. Madison carried over Jefferson's beliefs to keep peace and continue what Jefferson began, although the bank...
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