Jean Talon

Topics: New France, Jean Talon, Intendant of New France Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 24, 2011
The Importance of Jean Talon in the History of New France
Jean Talon played a big role in the establishment of New France. He came up with the idea of ‘le Filles du roi’, and populated New France. Jean Talon also strengthened and extended the seigneurial system throughout New France.

The ratio of single women and bachelors was 720 bachelors to 45 single females. Jean talon had a great idea to bring in more women if there were not enough. In order to ensure that population were to increase and sustain the new economy; and there were no bachelors decreeing that they wanted to stay single and enjoy the rugged bachelor lifestyle, they were deprived of their right to trade, hunt, their honours of church, and community if they had not married within 14 days of the Filles du roi’s arrival. Le Filles du roi were orphans, a few beggars, widows, and mainly just young women looking for a better life. Over 800 women’s transportation and settlement costs were covered by the crown. Jean Talon was a strong believer in this, ironically he never married. Le Filles du roi or “daughters of the king” immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673. With the idea of le Filles du roi, and the importance in played in the settling of New France, Jean Talon became an important man in history.

Jean Talon suggested many things and followed through with many things in order to increase the population of New France, and ensure a growth in the economy. He encouraged agriculture, fishing, lumbering, industry, and fur trade. He attempted to end the threat of the Iroquois that hung over New France for many years by trying to achieve their surrender along side lieutenant-general Prouville de Trace. Jean Talon was most successful in populating New France. He brought over nearly one-quarter of the colonies population.

Jean Talon extended and strengthened the seigneurial system even though Cardinal Richelieu came up with it. The king was represented by an intendant; Jean Talon was the first...
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