Jean Paul Marat: A Radical Journalist and Politician during the French Revolution

Topics: Middle class, French Revolution, Charlotte Corday Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: October 16, 2011
You could describe him as an unpleasant bloodthirsty political stereotype. with his strong beliefs and harsh controlling ways, But jean Paul Marat believed in what he doing. yes by the end, he was probably overtaken by his strong paranoia, radical actions and influences from people around him expressed in his writing and political views. But does this make him a paranoid blood thirsty killer or a person that truly believed in what he was writing for. Jean Paul Marat was born into a lower middle class family, which strongly influenced his beliefs in how lower class people should have been treated. He began his life with a passion for human healing and studied at St Andrews college around 1763 where he received a degree in medicine. After finishing college he travelled to London were he set himself up informally as a doctor, he made a name for himself in London charging rather exorbitant fees. And started climbing the social ladder which was somewhat his aim in life. While Marat was climbing he was mixing with people high in society and began to write about what he saw, this lead to his first major writing piece A PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAY ON MAN published in 1774. it was thought that his climb in society was responsible strong political views. In 1776 Marat moved to Paris with his growing reputation as a highly affective doctor and new found love of writing, which gained him the job as the personal physician to the brother of Louis the 16th the position paid 2000 French livres per year. With his new wealth he set up a laboratory and began to write books and articles showing his research but also writing about political issues including his belief that all classes should be treated equal when it comes to execution. On the eve of the revolution Marat made the decision to stop his career as a doctor and scientist, and become a full time writer for the French people .In 1788, When the estate general was called for the first time in 175 years Marat devoted himself...
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