Jean-Michel Basquiat

Topics: Music, Art, Jean-Michel Basquiat Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: February 17, 2009
Jean-Michel Basquiat was a young, yet talented artist of the 1980’s. His works were paintings that were considered to be unique in comparison to others. He took art to a whole other level and made people really think about what they were looking at when they saw his work. Basquiat struggled with many things during his life because he was raised without his parents. Although he was on the street most of the time, he was still one of the most successful painters of his time. Unfortunately, Basquiat’s life ended at an early age from a heroine overdose.

I think the visual perspective gave the greatest understanding of Basquiat’s life. Being able to watch how Basquiat lived was more effective than reading it. Watching the movie, I was able to see and somewhat feel Basquiat’s emotions; For example, the film made it much easier for me to understand how passionate Basquiat was about his work. The film also helped me to see how difficult times were for him while he lived on the streets. Lastly, the film showed what his paintings looked like, which gave me a better understanding of why people thought they were so unique from other artists.

The music and sound effects had an incredible impact on the way I saw the film. The film made exciting sound effects while Basquiat was doing his paintings, which expressed the amount of passion he had while doing his work. The music during the film ranged from upbeat jazz music, which showed Basquiat at his happier moments to a more calming jazz beat which showed him when he was neutral or sad. I preferred the sound effects and music verses reading the book because things were much more emotional.

I think Hoban did a good job at describing how Basquiat actually lived. If I had never seen the film I would have thought Hoban was exaggerating about certain things, but the film made it more clear. I do think experiencing both aspects ( the film and book) was best because whatever I didn’t understand in the book was explained in the...
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