Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Jean Jacques Rousseau
Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the most well-known philosophers to ever live. A Swiss born philosopher, writer, and political theorist, Rousseau’s writing inspired the leaders of the French Revolution, Enlightenment movement and the Romantic generation. Rousseau is thought to be the least academic of the modern philosophers and his thought brought the Age of Reason to an end. Rousseau was extremely influential at his time. He had a direct impact on people’s way of life, opened people’s eyes to see the beauty of nature, and made liberty an object that should be sought and attained by everyone.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712. Most of the known information about Rousseau's early life comes from his Confessions, which was published after his death Rousseau was raised by his father, a watchmaker and rebel, Isaac Rousseau because his mother died 9 days after his birth from complications. Isaac oversaw Jean-Jacques' early education and encouraged his to read at the early age of 5. When Rousseau was 10 Isaac got into a legal quarrel that forced him to leave Geneva for Nyon where he got remarried. Rousseau was left behind with his uncle and rarely saw his father again. At the age of 15 Jean-Jacques ran away from Geneva and upon his return found the gates locked due to curfew. That night, Rousseau stayed with a Roman Catholic priest and his wife Francoise- Louise de Warens in the adjoining city of Savoy and did not return to Geneva. The couple had Rousseau converted to Catholicism. In doing so Rousseau had to denounce his original religion Calvinism and thus give up his Genevan citizenship. Rousseau lived with de Warens for many years, and even became her lover at the age of 20. Under her protection, Rousseau used de Warens large library and other accommodations to educate himself and become knowledgeable in the studies of philosophy, mathematics, and music. In 1742, Rousseau left the protection of de Warens and moved to Paris to

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