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The Pain of Jealousy
Jealousy is something that is very common in most humans that can’t be controlled after a certain point. It’s a trait thats usually carried in people who have alot of self love and not alot of love for people around them. Jealousy is a emotion that is typically corresponded to the negative thoughts and feelings of fear, envy, insecurity and over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human bond. Bulter uses imagery, irony, and perspective to create a vision of humor and irony in both stories so that the reader can relate to his life and most relationships that bring about the trait jealousy.

Robert Olen Bulter Jr. was born on January 20, 1945, in Granite City, Illinois. He was a child of two parents who had very good background when it came to being educated, his father Robert Olen Butler who was a college professor and also his mother Lucille Francesn Butler who was an executive secretary. Butler had pick up some of is parents traits, which was that he was very intelligent by attending three colleges: Northwestern University, B.S, 1967; University of Iowa, M.A., 1969; graduate study at New School for Social Research (now New School University). Butler was a very talented individual that went to the army after marrying his first wife, Carol Supplee in 1968 only to divorce her in 1972. This was the first of many divorces to come for Butler as he fell in love time and time again throughout his life. While he was in the army he served the Military Intelligence which showed a bit of his intelligence because of how most people had odd jobs in the war, but yet he had one of the hardest jobs in the Vietnam War. One of his first jobs was writing, being a journalist, and educator for Electronic News, in New York. This job led to many different other jobs in the field of education seeing as Butler had a hard time settling for a particular job. Over the course of years he worked at many different jobs at schools but he started to get known for his very publicized writing and also very publicized love life in which played a role in a period of time when his writing were highly praised. On January 23, 1996 he married a woman named Elizabeth Dewberry. This would be Butler’s last wife known to date and also would be one of his most controversial relationships because of how it ended. With them being together for about ten years Elizabeth left Butler because to many a rich and powerful man named Ted Turner. This would inspire Butler to put together some short stories relatively stemming from his break up from Dewberry.

Butler came of with a story named “Jealous Husband Returns in the form of a Parrot.” Butler comes up with a character that is a jealous man who can’t stop worrying and questioning the matter of his wife cheating on him. He goes to the extreme of climbing into a tree to spy on his wife were he falls to his death, breaking his neck. The jealous man is then reincarnated to an Amazon Parrot. Butler uses imagery to give sight as to what is going on in the story and how he wants the reader seeing the husband. Butler uses imagery throughout the short story starting with how the man dies and breaks his neck. This led to the man appearing in a pet store in Houston were he gets a first hand look on his wife entering the store which he is located in. Though the widow likes the parrot, she buys him and takes him home to toy with the parrots mind. This seemed to be interesting because it related to Butlers life in many ways. Butler has to see his wife with another man just as the parrot does. The parrot is taken home to see who his widow is interacting with and just like Butler he knows the feeling of being humiliated. The parrot and the reader got to create images that Butler left to the imagination by doing things such as creating images of the widow and her estranged man having sex. “When she keeps the bedroom door open I can see the space at the foot of...
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