Jealousy Essay

Topics: English-language films Pages: 1 (503 words) Published: March 14, 2006

During my seventeen years of life, I have experienced Jealousy many times. As a child or adult we all have to deal with jealousy occasionally but the occasion that sticks out the most would have to be as a child and having a friend get something new that I didn't have. I would want it so bad I would do anything to get it. Well I was at seven or eight at the time and my friend Bobby got this new bike for his birthday and it was the sweetest bike I had ever seen I mean it was all chrome and flashy, full suspension. You know he would let me ride it once in awhile and the more I rode it, the more the jealousy set in. Well one day Bobby and I were hanging on during the summer and I was still riding my old bike and he still had what we called the "Silver Bullet", and he was making fun of my bike one day because as we were racing around the neighborhood my tire became flat. Later I found out that I had ridden over a nail and it punctured it so I was off my wheels for a little while. Well he continued to flaunt his bike around me and make me jealous not only my bike was old it had a flat tire. So later that day he was called in by his mother for dinner and at this point I was just angry and I could help it anymore. So as he was inside eating dinner I came over with a nail and I put it into his brand new bike tire. I felt good about it I walked home with a huge smile on my face. The next time I talked to Bobby he was riding his old bike again and to act like I didn't know I asked him why he was riding it and he told me that he had ridden over a nail and that his tire was flat. He apologized for harassing me about my tire and a felt good about my decision. It had a positive reaction for me it just made me feel better that he had a flat tire on his perfect bike and that once he knew how it felt he was sorry about it. If I was to go back and do it again, I would just tell him that it really wasn't funny and that it could happen to anyone, even him. And that he...
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