Jealousy: Cain and Abel and God

Topics: Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve, Book of Genesis Pages: 3 (671 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Daniyal Sachee

‘Jealousy is natural and impossible to control.’ Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer.

The Oxford Dictionary definition of Jealousy ‘resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another's success or advantage itself.’

One side of the argument could reason that jealousy is a natural quality present in all human beings. Is it not natural to feel jealous when your friends at school have the new X box game and you can’t afford it? Is it not natural to feel jealous when your football team continuously looses to another? One cannot help feel a tinge of resentment even if it is only a little and therefore is impossible to control.

The other side of the argument is that jealousy can be dangerous and harmful to others and this type of jealousy is not natural. For example jealousy can make you steal from someone else – for example to have the X box game. Also murders have often been committed about jealousy over girlfriends.

The bible says that once a man has rebelled against God, he is capable of doing all kinds of evil to his fellow man. This is clearly seen in the story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4: 1-16). Cain was jealous of Abel because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted by God and Cain’s wasn’t. The jealousy led to Cain committing murder. The story teaches us a lot about the nature of God. God knows human thoughts and motives. He punishes fairly and cares for the innocent and also, like in the case of Cain, he generously gives people a second chance.

My opinion for this is that jealousy is natural BUT is possible to control. Often by not having something that others have actually can make you work harder to try and earn it. However, when jealousy becomes impossible to control inside a human beings heart then it becomes dangerous and is not good.

Daniyal Sachee
Year 7 Homework

Cain and Abel and contemporary Issues – Anger and Jealousy

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