Topics: Book of Genesis, Sibling, Cain and Abel Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: April 14, 2014
DePaola 1
Avery DePaola
English II Honors, mods 1-2
November 30th, 2012
The Monstrosities of Jealousy

Studies have shown that people with high levels of jealousy often have a strong desire for revenge. The feeling of envy or jealousy occurs in almost every human body, whether the person flaunts the emotion, or ignores it. Jealousy is typically known as a situation when a person resents another person because of their success, which the resentful person wishes to have. It is extremely challenging for any person to truly congratulate a friend or family member on accomplishing a goal that the person himself is yearning to achieve. Jealousy has a strong reputation of destroying important relationships, and can prevent people from acting in their usual rational manner, leading to harmful situations. Jealousy is commonly described as rancorous or bitter, and is rooted from anger and envy. It is a rather difficult concept to interpret, however, after reading the famous biblical book of Genesis, a person will acquire a much better understanding of where jealousy comes from and what the outcome generally turns out to be. Due to failure to impress, favoritism, and natural benefits, jealousy unfortunately occurs often, and primarily results in physical harm or conflict between loved ones. The Jealousy between Cain and Abel led to violence and murder. In chapter 4, verses 3-6, Cain and Abel present their offerings to God, forcing the Lord to chose between the two brothers. The siblings were each other’s main competitors, which artlessly led to tension and jealousy between the two. Cain offered God many fruits of his DePaola 2

soil, but Abel brought the lord the firstborn of his flock, and the lord was impressed by Abel’s offerings. Cain’s unsuccessful attempt to awe the Lord compelled him to become extremely distraught with jealousy, and turn to actions he would never consider taking under a standard condition. Even after the Lord warns Cain to...
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