Topics: Seven deadly sins, Jealousy, Envy Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Three who come unbidden: love, jealousy and fear.
-----------Carl Sandburg Jealousy that is one of the Seven Sins in Christianity is a feeling of jealous envy. For every person, despite the variety in races, environments and civilizations, jealousy is a kind of human nature. Jealousy is a negative emotional expression and will harm to our physical and mental health. In order to gain the rights, having vanity or in the peers, the jealousy will have impact on people.

In most cases, we are jealous of people who have rights or priorities. Many people compete in order to gain the rights. However, jealousy is hierarchical. Only two competitors in the same field of competition will have jealousy and jealous behavior. Firstly, we just envy that they have the power. If we just keep the envy of others and don’t work hard, the envy will become the jealousy. We begin to have malicious thought and be hostile to these people.

Jealousy has burning desire and it frames themselves readily into imaginations and suggestions. It also comes into eyes easily. We are now in a more impetuous society. People’s vanity usually occupies more important position. Sometimes I don’t deny that the vanity is positive but it usually brings the negative influence. Vanity makes us be jealous of others and want to destroy something they have but we don’t. Many juvenile delinquency often are often originated from their vanity. Their parents and teacher didn’t correctly lead them and set a good example to them. So their vanity makes them jealous and they want to get something they don’t have by illegal way. I will tell you another example to interpret the vanity and jealousy. Evil-minded stepmother was jealous of the Snow White’s appearance; her vanity ordered about that she hurt Snow White over and over again. This means if you don’t control your vanity or make use of vanity, jealousy will make you do something crazy.

Last but not least,...
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