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Topics: Audience, Audience theory, Negative feedback Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: March 23, 2013
1. Using humor without considering individual difference is unwise Although the fact that humor is a widespread phenomenon across the world, some point should be paid more attention such as ethnic and gender difference. Smart initiators know how to change their humor with the different composition of the audiences.

Especially, ethnicity humors for some ethnicity groups are offensive, so humor styles vary according to ethnicity. The initiators must first consider the audience’s ethnic composition when they select humor style, otherwise it will cause interpersonal conflict and negative organization outcome. Moreover, gender-based humor or sexual humor which utilized by some people to feel superior are usually aggressive and degrading. They also can destruct solidarity and bring a high probability of conflict to the mixed-gender group. All the reason above can be summarize as the negative effect of humor. So, humor is a”double-edged sword”.

2. Integrating humor in organization
As the previous discussion, take the factor of gender and ethnicity into consideration, we find that affiliative and self-enhancing humor which can provide positive outcomes are recommended styles. But how to use them in organization? Step one is the selection of the organization outcome initiators like to enhance. Then, they need to choose the humor style and pay attention on the audience’s composition carefully. Lastly, checking whether the humor was understood by the audience, also they need to collect the feedback for the future humor attempt and evaluation.

Jokes and humor can reduce the power distance and ease up the tension. They can be employed very nice and successful by the people who have good delivery skill to “break the ice” in daily life. We have to admit that utilizing humor need some c, every can using humor appropriately in organizational setting.

PPT outline
1. Using humor without considering individual difference is unwise Ethnicity humors
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