Topics: Western culture, Culture, Globalization Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: May 7, 2014

The short story takes place in Great Britain, where there always has been a mass immigration of people looking for a better life for themselves and their family. Parvez, the main character and his family could probably be some of those immigrants who hopes to find work and a better living conditions. Parvez was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, where he has been living in Islamic culture. The western culture has therefore been a big contrast to his own. It is clear that Parvez has felt limited by the strict lifestyle, as he sees freedom in the west: “They let you do almost anything here” (p.198, ll.38). In the western life, Parvez is not restricted by the cultural limitations. He has assimilated in the Western society and renounced his own culture to adapt in the new society: “Parvez couldn’t deny that he loved crispy bacon smothered with mushrooms and mustard…” (p.197, ll.38-40). By eating pork and as well by drinking alcohol he tries to fit in. Parvez’s greatest wish is that his son gets an education and thereby good living conditions, in order to start his own family:”Once this happened, Parvez would be happy. His dream of doing well in England would have come true” (p.194, ll.8-9). This is his only dream in life for his son, perhaps because Parvez himself never got such a chance in Pakistan. He works as a taxi driver at night and does not really have any friends - not even his colleagues. This can be seen in their reaction when he talks about his frustrations; ”The reply was almost triumphant” (p.194, ll.22). His relationships with women also takes place only when the darkness falls. During the day, he avoids his wife by sleeping and at night, he has a secret relationship with a prostitute, Bettina. His relationship with Bettina is long-termed and based on honesty and love.
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