Jd Sports and Oxfam Analysis

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Outline the rationale of the strategic aims and objectives of two contrasting organisation? 1. Introduction 3

2. Background of JD sports 3

3. Aims/Objectives for JD Sports 3/4

4. Strategies for JD Sports 4/5

5. Background for Oxfam 5

6. Aims/Objectives for Oxfam 6

7. Strategies for Oxfam 6/7

Explain the points of view from different stakeholders seeking to influence the strategic aims and objectives of your two contrasting organisation?

8. Oxfam stakeholders 8/9

9. JD Sports stakeholders 9/11

10. Conclusion 12

11. Bibliography 12


My assignment is based on two different types of organisations from the Public Sector Organisation and from the Private Sector Organisation. Throughout my assignment I will outline the rationale of the strategic aims and the objectives of both the organisation that I have investigated on. The two organisations that I investigated on were in John David Sport which represents the Private Sector Organisation and Oxfam which represents the Public Sector Organisation.

Outline the rationale of the strategic aims and objectives of two contrasting organisation?

Background of JD Sports:
John David’s Sports is one of Worlds most successful leading retail organisation which was established over 20 years back. This organisation offers contrasted range of high quality products to their customers. For example, upper clothing’s to lower clothing’s. They sell products which are manufactured by world’s top brands such as Nike, Adidas etc. JD Sports is an International Business as they have over 100 branches across the Globe.

Aims of JD Sports:
John David Sports is a private sector organisation so one of their main aims will be to maximise their profit as it is a profitable business. They have many strategies to fulfil their aims such as sales maximisation, keeping ahead of competition etc.

John David Sports have numerous aims which they want to accomplish. One of their main aims is to increase the trust and respect of their customers who have an interest in their business. JD Sports aim is to provide high quality products to reach the needs of their customers and also provide valuable service to their customers. JD Sports have always aimed to become Worlds leading retail organisation who sells famous brand clothing’s and footwear.

To accomplish their aims JD Sports opened thousands of stores all around the World so they go beyond all the expectation where ever their customers want to shop. JD Sport also aims to open more branches across the countries so they have more customers shopping in different locations and a high level of profit maximisation.

Objectives for JD Sports:
In order for JD Sports to reach their targets they are needed to provide excellent service to all their customers so the business can be known by the customers. JD Sports provide excellent customer service by employing large amount of staffs who work at each of their branches and the reason for this is that there is enough staff to help out customers when they need any information of any products or service.

JD Sports produce products which are mainly aimed at young buyers who are looking for a trendy style. For example, they produce designer hooded jackets, jumpers and also designer trainers etc. The organisation of JD Sports creates branches in particular location where they know the customers will be attractive.

JD Sports Strategies:
John David Sports is an organisation which created to maximise their profit due to the fact that they are a...

Bibliography: Websites:
Httt; www.jdsport.co.uk
Httl; www.oxfam.co.uk
Books: BTEC National Business Book 1 – Dooley David, Dransfield Rob, Phillip Guy and Catherine Richards – Page 17-28.
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