Jc Series Jaw Crusher

Topics: Finite element method, Fatigue, Welding Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: July 29, 2013
JC Series Jaw Crusher
JC series jaw crusher Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the most advanced international crushing technology and research, Yifan million units in the jaw crusher design and manufacturing experience, based on the finite element analysis method has been successfully developed new generation of products. With traditional jaw crusher compared, JC series jaw crusher in the design and manufacture more attention to detail, using high-strength materials, advanced manufacturing technology, with higher structural strength, equipment reliability, crushing greater than, higher yields and lower overall costs and other advantages.

JC Jaw Crusher Features:
1, the solid structure
    Rack welded and assembled into two categories: small and medium size generally use welded, assembled large size generally used.     Arc welding using a large fillet, low stress areas welding, greatly reduces the stress concentration problems, ensure that the rack equal intensity in all directions, impact resistance, even by force, low failure rate and so on.     Assembled using advanced modular, non-welded frame design, fatigue strength, high reliability, and the whole assembly design, transportation, installation more convenient, especially for underground mines, mining and other high-altitude narrow, difficult to transport sites installation.  2, the superior vena design

  Symmetrical "V"-shaped cavity design, large angle brackets, large stroke, reasonable speed, the feed size bigger, higher yields and more uniform particle size, lower jaw plate wear.  3, durable heavy movable jaw assembly

     Heavy movable jaw assembly adopts eccentric shaft forging heavy, high-quality heavy bearing, finite element software optimized jaw body to ensure that the movable jaw assembly impact resistance and high stability; labyrinth seal, centralized lubrication system guarantees bearing grease is not contaminated, lubrication more convenient to make it run longer, more...
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