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The Company:
The analysis was made on the annual report for the year ended 30 June 2009, of the company “JB Hi-Fi Limited” which is one of the largest retailer chain groups for home consumer products such as consumer electronics, electrical goods, software including music, games and movies. The company is operating with 123 stores (106 Branded JB Hi-Fi) spread across Australia and New Zealand, who’s head office is in Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia. The Auditors

The company’s financial report ending 30 June 2009 was audited by Mr. DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU and Mr. TOM EMBASSI, of the Charted Accountants firm “DELOITTE” The purpose of the Auditors report was to check the conformance of the Company financial report; •as per the Corporation Act 2001

complying with Australian Accounting standards and the Corporations Regulations 2001 •Complying with International Financial Reporting Standards as described in note 2 •provide an independent, true and fair opinion on the company’s and the consolidated entity’s financial report The Auditor’s report contains a declaration by the auditor, auditing by the Australian Auditing standard and Financial Report’s adherence to the Corporation Act in relation to the audit. It also mentioned the company Directors as well as the Auditor’s responsibility for the financial report in addition to, providing a fair opinion about the Remuneration report as per the section 300A of the Corporations Act 2001. Financing the Assets

During the period, the company has financed its assets mainly from the followings; •Cash and equivalent available from year 2008
Receipts from customers
Proceed from Interest and bill discounts received
Proceed from sales of plant and equipment
Proceed from issue of equity securities
In the beginning of 2009 financial year, the company has a balance of $123,055,000, where the total increase in assets for the year 2009 from year 2008 was only $125,816,000. Hence company has not borrowed any bank loan. The assets were financed from other means a mentioned above.

Sources of Cash Inflow ( consolidated)
Details of cash flowCategoryYear 2009Year 2008
Receipts from customersOperating activity2,511,8881,985,141 Interests and bill discounts receivedOperating activity1,5641,008 Total operating inflowOperating activity2,513,4521,986,149 Proceeds from sale of plant and equipment Investment591234 Total Investment inflowInvestment activity591234

Proceeds from borrowingFinancing activity 05,841
Equity Activity - SecuritiesFinancing activity 4,1592,960 Total Investment inflowFinancing activity4,1598,801
Total cash inflow ($ in '000) 2,518,2021,995,184

Observation of operating inflows:
In 2009 , company had more receipts(+26%) in comparison with 2009 also had discounts of +55% than that of 2008.

Observation of investment inflows.
Company had disinvested about $591K in 2009 and 234K in 2008 which is 152% increase in 2009 when compared to 2008.

Financing inflows
Company has raised the funds by borrowing in 2008 and not borrowed any in 2009.However there was 40% increased inflow from Equity security. Total Cash inflow found to be 26% increase in 2009 with respect to 2008.

Sources of Cash Outflow ( consolidated)
Details of cash flowCategoryYear 2009Year 2008
Payments to suppliers and employeesOperating activity2,318,3081,905,792 Finance paid - intrests and other costsOperating activity8,3109,957 Income tax paidOperating activity41,25727,963
Total operating outflow Operating activity2,367,8751,943,712 Payments for plant and equipment Investment44,44451,573
Payment for businessInvestment-8,185
Total Investment outflowInvestment activity44,44459,758
Repayment of borrowingFinancing activity 35,278-
Equity Activity - Paid to members of the parent entityFinancing activity 33,21716,913 Total finance outflowFinancing activity68,49516,913
Total cash outflow ($ in '000)...
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