Jazz In The 1920's
Topics: Jazz, Blues, African American, Music, New Orleans, Louis Armstrong / Pages: 3 (523 words) / Published: Feb 28th, 2016

The 1920’s was a time revolved around change and re-birth. This time was commonly referred to as the roaring twenties. This because of the clash of new and old. Many people welcomed the new ideas, but they also caused arguments. Though the innovations created some problems, they formed to world into what it is today. One of the biggest innovation created in the 1920’s was jazz. Jazz is a combination of African American rhythms and european melodies. Jazz clashed with the old mainly because it gave African Americans more acceptance. African Americans were now allowed to perform in places that only allowed white people. It also brought people of all cultures and races together. Now people of different colors, religion, etc can have a common interest. Jazz wasn’t always popular. At first the genre was looked down upon, but it eventually won over the hearts of the people. The next trend that clashed with the old was the flappers. Flappers were young women who rebelled against stereotypes and expectations for women. These women had short hair, wore bright makeup, short dresses, and did things such as smoking and drinking in public, and spoke their minds. Many people thought flappers were scandalis and disrespectful because they were not “lady like”. There were also many people who thought the flapper trend was great and that it would help …show more content…
Prohibition was a ban on alcohol, also known as the 18th amendment. This law was passed in 1919 during world war one to have more food to feed the soldiers by using the fruits and berries to feed the soldiers instead of turning them into alcohol. Many people couldn’t even think of living without alcohol, mostly in urban places. This caused ordinary people to start breaking the law. People started to illegally make, sell, and buy alcohol at places like illegal bars. Some people even smuggled alcohol from places like mexico. Some were able to avoid arrest by bribing the

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