Jazz Concert Review

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Daniel J. MCcraig
November 15, 2012
MUL 2380
Professor McNoverg

Live Music Review #2

For my second live concert review I decided to attend a live event that was being held at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus on Thursday October the 25th. It was to be performed by students who are in an active jazz group at the school. The jazz ensemble consisted of three consistent musicians with a different vocal artist for each song. The director of the recital was Dr. Timothy Brent who was also the pianist for the evening. On the bass was a man by the name of the Dale Posey. The final member of the group was Rodolfo Zuniga on the drum set.

Unfortunately, I did not arrive on time to catch the introduction and the first song. So honestly, I could not say how everyone was introduced on stage or in what order, but never the less I’m glad that the staff member at the front door granted me permission to enter the recital. The second song was titled “Fever” and was sung by Vocalist Elba Valentin originally performed by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell. Ms. Valentin came out onto the stage very poised and confident. To accompany her on stage was the pianist, drummer, and bass. I was able to hear the walking bass that we learned about in Professor McGovern’s class, I also saw the drummer using the brush technique on the Drums to emphasize a more blues ballad feel. I felt that the band was very in sync and harmonious. The third song performed was titled “Triste” and was originally performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. The vocalist who sang it on stage was Kevin Dorta, who was accompanied once again by the jazz ensemble that consisted of a drummer, bassist, and pianist. The song was performed in Portuguese and was very amusing. I heard him transition to English at some parts of the song and at one moment he proceeded to scat. The overall feel of the music was a love ballad but you can feel the sorrow in the melody. I must say the vocalist was very stiff on stage almost as...
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