Jazz Age

Topics: Jazz, Jazz Age, 1920s Pages: 4 (1588 words) Published: April 24, 2011
In the 1920s, an era called the Jazz Age, also known as the roaring twenties, came about. The Jazz Age occurred when the economy of America was in its prime, before the tragedy of the Stock Market Crash and Great Depression. The Jazz Age brought forth significant female suffrage leaders, writers, and musicians, each influencing a different class of people in society.           

  Jazz was created in the twentieth century by a group of African American musicians from New Orleans (Teachout). They took the rhythms and melodies of their ancestors and “westernized” them to form what we now call Jazz (Teachout). These talented men then moved to Chicago and other American cities sharing their newfound music with the people (Teachout). Around the time jazz was created, racism was very prominent, but as Carole Weatherford said, “Racism ripped America at the seams, and jazz stitched the nation together one song at a time” (Aaberg).             Jazz had many generations that progressed from swing, bebop, cool jazz and hard bop, to fusion (Burner). First came the swing era known as “The Big Band Era” (Aaberg). These big bands incorporated dance and music, and were also the climax of jazz (Aaberg). Artists of the swing era have influenced music in today’s society. Artists such as Michael Buble have incorporated some of the swing elements in his music, producing award winning songs and albums (All that Jazz is…). World War II combined with a recording ban led to the fall of the swing era (Aaberg). Beginning in the 1940s, “small-group oriented” jazz called bebop came along (Aaberg). Bebop was the beginning of modern jazz (Aaberg). It was played in clubs in New York; however, it had no connection with dancing (Aaberg). Bebop was all about improvising, but this era suffered with financial success (Aaberg). There were two types of jazz in the 1950s, cool-jazz and hard bop (Aaberg). Cool-jazz was a reaction to bop that incorporated many instruments that you wouldn’t normally see...
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