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Jazz Age

By juanspiana Oct 29, 2013 367 Words

The Jazz Age was a cultural movement that took place in America during the 1920's (also known as "the Roaring Twenties") from which a cultural change came. This movement coincided with both the equally phenomenal introduction of mainstream radio and the conclusion of World War I.   The 1920s was a decade of profound social changes. The most obvious signs of change were the rise of a consumer-oriented economy and of mass entertainment, which helped to bring about a revolution in morals and manners. Gender roles, hair styles, and dress all changed profoundly during the 1920s. Many Americans regarded these changes as liberation from the country's Victorian past. But for others, morals seemed to be decaying, and the United States seemed to be changing in undesirable ways. The result was a thinly veiled ‘cultural civil war.’ The 1920 brought many new changes for women. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified. The Nineteenth Amendment gave women all over the United States the right to vote. Women also started to run for political elections. Women started to work outside of the home increasingly more. Some women went to college, and they began professional careers. However, most married women stayed home and did housework. The popular image of the 1920s is a decade of prosperity and riotous living and of bootleggers and gangsters, flappers and jazz. It is permanently etched in the American mind. But this image is somewhat misleading. The 1920s was a decade of deep cultural conflict. During the Jazz Age, conflicts centered on ethnicity and social class. Equally, the conflicts of the 1920s were primarily cultural, contending a more multi-ethnic, modernist, urban culture against a more local, traditional, rural culture. In conclusion, the Jazz Age had some varied ideals in politics, culture and social aspects. Women gained the right to vote, alcohol was prohibited, there were some profound social changes with the consumer-oriented economy. All this deeply affected the result of what the United States and the rest of the world is today


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