Jaywalking: a Photowalk

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Renzo Louise U. Tarlit
IV – St. Augustine

Jaywalking: A Photo Walk

Jaywalking is the act of crossing the street illegally or recklessly disregarding the traffic rules and regulations. It may lead to accidents ranging from minor traffic concerns or to serious vehicle accidents that eventually leads to loss of property, limb or life. And so, Anti-jaywalking law was passed by the authorities to protect the pedestrians.

Never in my life had I cross the deadly streets of Manila just for the sake of getting into one place to another. We often use the foot bridge or the underpass whenever my mom and I decide to commute to Manila. However, there is one 'jaywalking' that I really loved; a jaywalking with its new meaning-- Jaywalking: A photo walk.

Last November 05, 2011, I attended a photo walk entitled "Jaywalking: A Photo walk" organized by Mr. Alexis Lim who owns the blog litratonijuan (dot) tumblr (dot) com. I was exuberant when my mom allowed me to join the event. I was hesitant at first because I do not know anyone from the people who will come on the said activity. But courage overwhelms my whole being as I tell myself it will be okay. I told my mom the places we will encounter starting from the meeting place, Plaza Miranda in Quiapo up to our last destination which is Intramuros. Before we left the house, I turned on my laptop and final checked the name of the meeting place. I manage to remember the name that caught my eye before I closed the browser: Plaza Miranda, Quiapo. We left the house at 8:30AM, a little too late for the 10:00AM meeting time. My mom asked me for the last time where the meeting place was. And Plaza Miranda was the only thing I can remember. I told her Plaza Miranda, Binondo. What in the world am I thinking? Am I too old to forget such things? When we finally arrived at Lawton, my mom and I took a Jeepney ride to Binondo. And I was not quite sure about the place so I just let my mom took me to a place unfamiliar to my eyes. When we arrived at Binondo, I was already searching for teenagers with cameras hung on their necks or their eyes focused on the viewfinder. Sad to say my search was a failure.

My mom was nagging about where our meeting place really is. I told her all I can remember was Plaza Miranda. I was losing hope because I thought my companions already left the place and started walking and taking photos. So she asked a woman dressed in an MMDA uniform or something like a baranggay official about the photo walk. I was humiliated because the woman has no idea about the event. So we asked for Plaza Miranda instead and to my surprise, it really is on Quiapo. We went to the wrong place! I was humiliated at myself. My mom was yelling at me and all I can say was "I forgot" and "Enough about the yelling and stuffs". I knew it was my fault that we went to the wrong venue. My mom was still blurting curses when we took another jeepney ride back to Lawton. I feel mad about myself because we wasted time, effort and money. The event was so close to my hand and it slipped away in a blink of an eye. I was looking on the ground while walking. Trying to make a distance between me and my mom. I held back my tears in fear of crying out loud in public. When we got back at Lawton, we took another Jeepney ride. I thought we were going to Quezon City but instead, my mom gave me another chance. And this time, I was so sure about the place. Plaza Miranda in Quiapo. We took the underpass leading to the Plaza and to my surprise, a man in a white shirt with a familiar face taking a photo of a girl selling bubbles came into view. I was relieved. God gave me another chance being a part of this event. I immediately confronted the man and asked him if this was the photo walk. He happily said yes. I was starstruck-ed when he smiled at me. It was my second time meeting him. I first saw him in an event somewhere in Quezon city when I joined this group named Helios International. My mom...
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