Jays Treaty

Topics: United States, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: October 22, 2013
After the War of Independence the colonies were now free from British rule. However, that came with a price to pay. Being their own separate country, the United States, having a weak economy and many complaints and disagreements with Britain. In an attempt to resolve this problem, Washington sent John Jay, the current Supreme Court justice, to Britain to negotiate with the British. After making coming to terms with Great British, the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, commonly known as Jay’s Treaty was created. This treaty did nothing to help America. All this treaty did was hurt the American economy because large corporations couldn’t trade with the British West Indies, further divided the country between Federalists and Anti- Federalist, and only prolonged the inevitable War of 1812. Not only did Jay’s Treaty fail in preventing another war, but it also failed to address the requests that the American people wanted. While keeping in mind the United States’ weak economic and militarial position in the world in 1795, Jay’s treaty was not only an ineffective treaty, but in general a huge waste of time and money. Not only did Jay’s Treaty, further divide the Federalist and Anti- Federalist, it also damaged the American economy greatly. Part of the treaty was that trade with the British West indies would basically be done. The Britsih West Indies was a heavy source of trade for several American corporations at this time, and John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, saw it as a way to try to fix the relationship with Britain, when it didn’t need fixing at all. British was still going to treat America the same way. Not only did Jay’s Treaty restrict the British West Indies, but it allowed British Ships to seize the neutral United State Ships trying to trade with other European countries. So not only did Americans lose their ships but they also lost all of the merchandise they would have had on the ship. Jay’s treaty was not only an economic disaster, but...

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